Untreated, phosphate-free option

Increasingly, consumers are choosing more natural food selections—those with fewer additives and minimal processing. In response to this growing demand, Vinh Foods has introduced untreated premium fillets, a phosphate-free alternative to our standard lightly-treated fillets. No matter which option you select, you can rest assured your fillets will be exceptionally fresh, possess a delectably firm, flaky texture, and be absolutely delicious.

Treated, untreated what does it all mean?

Most frozen seafood today is treated by soaking in polyphosphate solution (e.g. STPP) prior to freezing. This solution contains an inorganic salt compound that causes the flesh of the fish to absorb water. Buyers often request treatment because they believe it prevents the frozen fish from drying out, while reducing thaw drip. Some even feel treatment enhances flavor (probably because of the added salt).

But, there can be too much of a good thing. Over-treatment can lead to excess water, a mushy texture, and a slippery feel that makes the fish difficult to handle during preparation. That’s why Vinh Foods premium fillets are only ever-lightly treated.

That being said, many consumers would gladly forego any benefits of treatment to know that their fish is more natural and contains no added phosphates. So, we have added an untreated option to satisfy this growing segment. Vinh Foods untreated Premium Pangasius, Barramundi, and Tilapia provide your business with an opportunity to gain traction with this expanding market.

At a glance

The benefits of our untreated premium fillets

  • 100% premium seafood that meets our highest standards of freshness, texture, and taste.
  • More natural food is a trend that’s here to stay and is gaining momentum globally.
  • No added phosphates appeals to the growing market for more natural, minimally processed foods.
  • Lower sodium naturally, since phosphates increase the sodium content of the treated fish
  • No added water to ruin texture, dilute protein content, and seep out during cooking.
  • Increased freshness because less treatment means shorter processing time before being flash-frozen.

Treat your consumers to untreated fillets

With Vinh Foods untreated Premium Pangasius, Barramundi, or Tilapia, you get one thing and one thing only: the finest quality fish. That means zero added phosphates, without a drop of excess water. Skipping the treatment step also means less time between processing and flash freezing, so freshness is sealed in that much quicker.

For health-conscious consumers, the “no added phosphates” designation holds powerful appeal. Add the fact that Vinh Foods is a pioneer in sustainable aquaculture and you have a product that’s irresistible for health-conscious, environmentally-minded consumers.

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