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Premium Pangasius.

Pangasius is a native species to Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, where it thrives in our local climate and water conditions. For centuries, wild pangasius has been one of the most popular local fish because of its delicious flavor and firm texture. It is also a unique species in that it is perfectly suited for sustainable aquaculture. With proper management, pangasius is one of the healthiest farmed fish with one of the smallest environmental footprints.

Although well-known in Vietnam, there was no blueprint for raising pangasius commercially in a sustainable manner. That is where Vinh Foods has pioneered. We have had to innovate at every step, from our feed design to breeding and hatchery management, to water and pond management, processing, and packaging. The result is a world-class product that has made Vinh Foods the largest exporter of pangasius globally

Today, Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius represents the pinnacle of our achievement. You’ll always get our finest all-white, boneless fillets, plump and firm, sustainably raised, responsibly processed, and fully traceable. We also know you want maximum flexibility for your culinary creations. So, we offer a variety of fillet choices, including untreated, breaded, marinated, and char-marked options. That way, there’s something to suit every taste.

Eight Reasons why Premium Pangasius is loved the world over.

Pangasius has rapidly become one of the world’s most popular fish, even outselling cod in markets like the US. 

Chefs prize Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius for its versatility and great taste. Its firm texture means it’s easy to work with. Its natural, pure white color creates a more attractive presentation. And, its clean, delicate flavor makes our Premium Pangasius a great choice for virtually any cuisine.

It’s also a favorite at home. In fact, Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius has been described as the world’s most family-friendly fish. With no fishy smell or taste and little risk of bones, it’s a great choice for people of all ages—even those who say they don’t otherwise like fish.

As our Premium Pangasius becomes more popular, it is also helping our oceans. By taking pressure off many over-fished species, Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius is leading the global shift to more sustainable seafood choices.

Here are eight qualities that are driving international success of Premium Pangasius.

1. Firm, flaky flesh

When cooking and eating fish, texture plays a critical role. Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius is so fresh and its flesh is naturally firm and deliciously flaky. This makes it both easy to work with and exceptionally appetizing. And, because we never over-treat our fish, it never becomes mushy or oozes water during cooking.

2. Pure white fillets

While some color variation in pangasius is normal, for Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius, only fish with snow-white flesh is selected. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting every time.

3. No muddy flavor

Nobody likes fish that has a musty, muddy flavor. Yet, that off-taste is quite common in many aquaculture species. It is a byproduct of the phytoplankton that thrives in stagnant water. You will never find this off flavor in Vinh Foods Premium fillets. Our strict adherence to water quality standards, along with exacting pond management and feeding practices, ensure that our fish taste sweet and clean.

4. Less worry about bones

There’s something deeply instinctive about people’s fear of choking on tiny fish bones. Pangasius has a unique physiology in that it completely lacks those difficult-to-remove pin bones. Taking out the spine and ribs leaves a completely boneless fillet—and removes one of consumers’ biggest objections to eating fish.

5. No fishy taste

When people claim they don’t like fish, what they often mean is they don’t like an overly-fishy flavor. Pangasius is a great-tasting fish that doesn’t taste fishy. With a delicately mild, sweet flavor, it’s a perfect canvas for any cuisine, from Tex-Mex to Asian—to whatever you dream up next.

6. No smell

Consumer research has shown that people would cook fish at home more often if it didn’t create an unpleasant odor. For them, Premium Pangasius is the perfect choice. Pangasius naturally lacks that fishy smell. Plus, our fish are farm-raised in pristine conditions. Then, they’re processed fresh, filleted immediately, and flash frozen within an hour of being caught. This emphasis on quality and freshness offers another assurance that Vinh Foods fish won’t have objectionable odors.

7. Certified sustainable

When you buy Vinh Foods Premium Pangasius, you know you are buying a product that was sustainably produced, ethically processed, and completely traceable. The fact that our Premium Pangasius fillets meet the demanding safety and ethical standards of over 30 countries world-wide is testament to our quality. In addition, Vinh Foods has earned every major international certification for quality, sustainability, ethics, and traceability. With so many questions about food safety and sustainability these days, it’s little wonder Vinh Foods has become the world’s most popular and trusted brand of Premium Pangasius.

8. Reasonable Price

Among major seafood species, pangasius is by far one of the least expensive. This is part of pangasius’ appeal. Unfortunately, pressure to compete for the lowest price has caused some producers to cut corners. Vinh Foods offers Premium Pangasius at a price that offers value to our buyers, while allowing us to maintain our standards for product safety, quality, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. You may find pangasius at a cheaper price, but you won’t find it at a better value.

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