Why is traceability so important for fish?

Consumers today are interested in a more sustainable and healthier diet than previous generations. They are also more skeptical. This means that more consumers want to know the source of their food and whether it was sustainably and responsibly produced. Traceability provides confidence and speaks to the quality and safety of a food product. Traceability is important for the following reasons:

  • Visibility: It is a clear signal that both the producer and the seller are transparent and have a commitment to the quality and accountability of the food they serve.
  • Response: In the event that something goes wrong, traceability helps stakeholders respond more quickly by providing instant relevant information.
  • Trust: Traceability instills trust upfront and helps the food industry and regulators to maintain confidence with consumers concerning the safety and resilience of the food system.
  • Prevention: Traceability makes it easier to determine the cause of a problem by tracing it to the roots/source, thereby preventing future problems.

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