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We have expanded our premium range to include Premium Barramundi and Tilapia in addition to Premium Pangasius. Each premium product adheres to Vinh Food’s highest standards of freshness, texture, and taste, and can also be ordered unprocessed.

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Certified Safe

The fish we sell is under our management from the moment it hatches right through processing. That way, we can ensure it is safe, sustainable, and fully traceable. In addition, all our products are independently certified.

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Reliable Ordering

Vinh Foods is committed to delivering only the highest quality seafood to our customer’s exact specifications. That means accurate labeling, on-time delivery, and strict limits on soaking and glazing.

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Introducing Untreated Premium Fillets

Increasingly, consumers are choosing more natural food selections—products with fewer additives and minimal processing. In response to this growing demand, Vinh Foods now includes an untreated option on all our Premium Pangasius, Barramundi, and Tilapia products. A natural option for consumers. A natural opportunity for you.

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Get valuable market research on Vietnamese seafood exports.

This free report provides 2017 data and forecasts for 2018. A must-read for anyone interested in sourcing quality seafood from Vietnam.
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  • “Over the past 16 years I have most likely visited more processing facilities in Vietnam producing Pangasius products than any other buyer in the United States. Vinh Foods has gone more than the extra 1,000 miles from the overall cleanliness, freshness, top-line skillful workmanship, to the overall handling of raw material and the best quality consistent finished product.”

    Nate Torch


  • “In a complicated industry and environment, Vinh Hoan is a trusted global partner with whom we have worked for many years. They work with integrity and a commitment to quality along with the type of focus and leadership necessary for long term success in the global food industry.”

    Matthew Fass

    President, Maritime Products International

  • “Vinh Hoan is a company that we can rely on when purchasing Pangasius packed to our specifications in our private label.   It’s easy to do business with a company that has always made good on its commitments and obligations”

    Sam Galletti

    Great American Seafood

Premium Pangasius: The World’s Most Versatile Fish

Whatever your taste or style of cooking, Premium Pangasius is the fish that goes well with everything

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Panfried Pangasius with traybaked baby potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes and black olives

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Herb breaded Pangasius with spring peas, asparagus, gherkin, dill, oregano, lemon, olive oil

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Cabbage springrolls with sesame seed crusted Pangasius, avocado and a carrot-ginger slaw. Served with a lukewarm peanut sauce.

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Fish tacos with deep fried Pangasius, tomato & mango salsa, cabbage slaw, pickled onions, mint, coriander, sour cream and lime

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Creamy soup of ramson & potatoes, flakes of pan fried Pangasius, oxalis and a rye bread crunch

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Soba noodle spring salad with kale pesto, arugula, Chioggia beets, soybeans – topped with pieces of baked Pangasius & fried shallots

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